Sanctus was the brainchild of saxophonist and session musician, Ian Close.  Ian transcribed the vocal lines from early sacred music of the 12th and 13th Centuries and then Dominic Beeton accompanied these sublime instrumental lines with organ and synthesisers.  The result is a profoundly spiritual experience which is ideally suited for the cathedrals, churches, abbeys and sacred spaces.  

Sanctus Live at St Peters Bournemouth.jpg


"It really was a fantastic and moving experience listening to you and Ian performing ‘Sanctus’ here at Wells Cathedral earlier today.

I have just enjoyed listening to the wonderful music again at home on the CD - it is so powerful.

I look forward to speaking to you again soon about further projects and ideas that I have in mind at the Cathedral and I hope that we will be able to enjoy more of your music making in the setting of Wells Cathedral in the near future."

​Matthew Minter, Events Manager, Wells Cathedral


"Thank you for performing Sanctus at Romsey Abbey yesterday.   Talking to the audience afterwards it was clear that Sanctus got them thinking.   The most interesting comment was from someone who said that once they allowed the music to flow over them it became therapeutic.  Thank you also for establishing the link between the music, the Abbey's nine hundredth anniversary and its Abbesses."

David Bowman, Events Manager, Romsey Abbey